Precautions for the purchase of mobile phone jammer

When buying a cell phone jammer, you must choose a product that detects the shielding effect. In the selection process, you must see whether all mobile signals can be shielded. The difference of the functional model of the shielding device, the function and efficiency are also different. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a suitable and obvious shielding device. According to the past experience and occurrence of fraud in the college entrance examination against new technologies, the following points should be considered when choosing a good shielding device.

According to the output power of mobile phone jammers and the difference in application areas, they can be divided into conference halls, military, detention centers, examination venues, petrol stations, and information security venues. According to the difference of different environments, in order to give full play to its function, the test site must choose the shielding device.

16-antenna signal jammer

Because the mobile phone upgrades quickly, especially after the emergence of 5G, the signal transmission of the mobile phone is more powerful, and the faster networking effect also increases the difficulty of preventing fraud in the exam venue. The shielding effect of the previous 4G jammers on these mobile phones is greatly weakened, and even fails. Therefore, it is necessary to install a 5G jammer that can shield 5G mobile phones in the test site.

Choosing a good mobile phone signal jammer also needs to look at its quality and function. First, check its shielding range. You can’t just try one or two mobile phones and you’re done. In the exam session, the mobile phone networks used by fraudulent students are different. If the output power of the jammer or the network bandwidth is insufficient, 5G will not be shielded. Therefore, it is necessary to find the mobile phones with different network data of the mobile communication provider at this stage to be able to be able to. Complete the test.

Make sure that the scope area can reach 1 test room to be considered qualified! After turning on the test shielding effect, you must ensure that the mobile phone has no signal within 30 minutes, and it may not be good or bad. In addition, if it is a mobile phone shielding device with a metal shell, touch the front and back surfaces of the shell by hand after about 60 minutes after it is started. If the heat is not too hot, there is no problem. The power drops, it can't work stably, and it's easy to get injured.

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