How to improve the shielding technology of mobile phone signal jammer?

Today’s mobile phone signals can already meet the needs of different applications, and the advantage of shielding equipment lies in meeting the interference requirements of a specific range. This is still very helpful to improve the level of signal shielding. The key is to effectively improve the performance of the equipment. The level of application.

As we all know, the functions of mobile phone signals are extremely powerful, and there are relatively many application areas. Under such an objective background, how to use the performance of mobile phone signal jammers to avoid signal conflicts has become more concerned by the public. A hot topic, as a cell phone jammer manufacturer, Shenzhou Mingda today, let’s talk about how to improve the technology of mobile phone signal shielding equipment?

Signal Jammers

Different signal jammer requirements have their own technical parameters. Therefore, when starting the device performance of the mobile phone signal jammer, it is necessary to have a clear idea in the setting of the technical parameters. This is also done to better utilize the performance advantages of professional equipment. This is also a core element that cannot be ignored to meet different shielding requirements. After all, this is still very helpful to strengthen the overall strength of the equipment application, especially once the cumbersome business process has been significantly simplified, it will improve the equipment’s performance. The application level will naturally play an irreplaceable decisive role.

However, as reported by Wired, Seattle-based security company Rhino Security Labs discovered an error in this process that would cause the cunning courier to freeze the camera. When a customer brings a stranger into an unattended house, this feature destroys the key components that provide the customer with security protection.

The attack can be launched within the Wi-Fi range, and the attack is located exactly where the hacker messenger is located. The attacker uses a computer to send a large number of "deauthorization" packets to the target cloud camera to prevent them from using the access point when they try to authenticate again. This is a well-known WiFi Jammer technology and is not specific to Cloud Cam.

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