Description of Rubber Extruder Machine

The rubber extruder machine consists of frame, gear box, working cylinder, screw, feeding mechanism, control panel, control switchboard, drive and tempering units, whose quantity depends on number of recorded heating zones of the working cylinder and head.

Working cylinder

As a standard, the working cylinder consists of three parts and is connected to the gear box with help of a flange. In the first part, the hopper is adjusted to feed the machine with rubber band with help of a feed roller. Other parts of the cylinder are divided to heating sections with individually adjustable temperatures. Each heating section is equipped with a temperature sensor to check the temperature mode.

Working cylinder – PIN type

The working cylinder is divided to two construction units connected with a flange. The entire cylinder consists of three tempered zones. The tempering medium is water. The mixing pins are situated in the second and third tempering zone and have a cylindrical shape. The number of pins is 6 in 8 lines.

We supply working cylinders in NITRIDED as well as BIMETALIC design.


The screw is an equipment located in the working cylinder. Together with the feed roller, it ensures removal of cold band from the hopper and as a result of temperature and pressure ensures its gradual homogenization and change to melt. The helix profile depends on the type of processed rubber and in case of request, it may be completed by a suitable mixing section. The screw may have an evacuation zone, enabling by its construction the release of steam and gas contained in the melt. The screw is bored for cooling and ended by a cone top (point).

Screw – PIN type

The screw has got a specially adjusted input zone for a better material input in the cylinder, For each plane of mixing pins, the helix is interrupted by a groove, enabling to trouble-free rotate the screw.

We make screws of nitrided polished steel. The helix top may be equipped with a hard-metal weld deposit.

Control circuit

It enables collecting, processing and passing the information necessary for machine operation.

Power circuit

It ensures the electric power for the machine operation.

Machine drive

The electric motor may be connected to the gearbox by various ways upon the customers´ wish. It may be situated in front of the gearbox and connected with help of a flexible coupling to ensure the rotary movement of the screw. Another alternative is the transfer of torsional moment by V-belts.

Heating and cooling

Due to a better temperature regulation, the length of the working cylinder is divided into several heating zones. The heating zone is a space between the cylinder lagging and the cylinder, with a heat-carrying medium flowing through it. The working cylinder is cooled by pressure water, circulating in the heating circuits of the individual heating zones. The pressure water is heated in the tempering units by electric heating elements or cooled by cold water.

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