Baby bottle warmer to drink at a palatable temperature

When babies are hungry, they need to find a baby bottle warmer quickly: the temperature of the milk is just right for their needs. In order to get the calories they need for rapid growth, they need to eat a lot of small meals every day. Everyone agrees: Anyone who has ever liked baby bottle warmers likes them. The device can gently bring milk, rice porridge and other baby food to a taste-friendly temperature, and is more economical than any stove. In fact, all models use steam or hot water for this purpose. But other devices are different.


It is usually recommended to set the body temperature to around 37°C as the best temperature for baby meals. Despite the pleasant and clear notice, parents often have to spend a while to find the correct setting for the optimal temperature. But this is due to the variety of models and equipment, and sometimes you only need some food experience. For some devices, you must first select the correct program, while for other devices, there is only a timer. The next one requires an accurate metered amount of water, and finally shuts itself off. Especially the latter is generally considered tricky: not everyone likes to use homeopathic doses of water. Always be fast-with an infrared device on the top, you can eat baby food in just two minutes. The average heating power here is between 80 and 200 watts.

Regardless of the different experiences parents share about breast warmers, we recommend that you use the equipment with the best temperature rating possible. Baby food heaters with only three settings usually cannot reach the required temperature-the milk will stay cold or may scald the delicate taste of the baby. Baby food that is too cold is not good either. The testers wrote that whenever the temperature deviates from the optimal temperature, energy from small creatures is needed, and small creatures need energy to grow. With one of the high-end baby food heaters, you can set the temperature in units of 1 degree on the display, and use the digital temperature display to precisely control the temperature.

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