You Need to Know Main Technical Requirements of the Rubber Vulcanizing Machine

  1. Determine the process index according to the process requirements of your rubber vulcanizing machine; 2. The pressure per unit area required for the product needs to be adjusted according to the process index of the product; 3. According to the ratio of the mold to the working plate, calculate the pressure value required by the vulcanizing machine system That is; the flat vulcanizer is suitable for the vulcanization of various rubber products, and is a hot pressing equipment for pressing various thermosetting plastics. The flat vulcanizer has two heating types: steam and electricity, which are mainly composed of the main engine, hydraulic system, and electric control system. The fuel tank is separately installed on the left side of the main engine and is not affected by the temperature of the hot plate; the operating valve is installed on the left side of the main engine, and the workers Convenient operation and spacious vision. The electric control box of the plate vulcanizing machine structure is separately installed on the right side of the host. Each electric heating plate of the electric heating type has 6 electric heating tubes with a total power of 2.4KW. The 6 electric heating tubes are arranged at unequal distances, and the power of each electric heating tube is different, so that the temperature of the heating plate can be uniform and the temperature of the heating plate Automatic control, high temperature control precision, and good quality of processed products. No pressure drop, no oil leakage, low noise, high precision and flexible operation. The structure of the vulcanizer is a column structure, and the pressing form is a downward pressure type.

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