Bali is a Vacation Spot with Friends and Family Paporit Australian Travelers

Australia is a country that is close to Indonesia, so every year many Australian people go on vacation to the island of Bali

But these 2 years, covid 19 has spread throughout the world, including Indonesia, so that Australian tourists also feel the impact

Australian teenagers usually go on vacation with their friends to spend a national holiday in Bali or just want to calm their minds in the midst of a relentless workload

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So that Bali is always visited by the Australian community, every holiday in Bali there are always Australians, from young people to adults

Ifat the end of 2021 Covid starts to disappear, it is likely that Australian tourists will enter Bali first and definitely more because of their longing to Bali for Vacationing with Friends

Make sure you've prepared your friends on vacation from now on whether it's with work friends, playmates or your family

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Many Places in Bali that are Comfortable to visit while on vacation with friends

There are areas of Kuta, Ubud, Nusa Dua, Nusa Penida and others

Australian tourists have also been very friendly with the local Balinese community and vice versa because of their long-standing emotional closeness

So, prepare if later everything is normal but of course there will be strict health rules

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