The first practical application of a GPS signal jammer

The cell phone jammer that Pokane Middle School bought for testing was less than $ 100 for just three days. The aim is to prevent students from sending text messages on topics. John Hook, the director, said, "I think this is something we really need."

The school is currently under discussion at the FCC and will not be used until it is confirmed that the device is legal. The jamming device is switched on during school hours and closed during lunch and after class.

The first use of electronic countermeasure jams goes back to the Second World War. The radar-guided artillery shot down many Allied aircraft. These systems used radar signals to lock and track airborne targets and direct anti-aircraft fire. If a critical Allied operation was to take place, portable jammer were placed near these weapons by resistance forces. Newspaper films show howitzers are rotated wildly and fire accidentally because of the jammers. The cannon designers were too arrogant to consider the possibility of jamming, so they never included a manual override switch.

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China's Use of GPS jammer Against US Troops GPS jamming and spoofing are often classified as "electronic warfare" rather than "cyber warfare" by US officials. We don't understand why this is, as jamming and spoofing can neutralize end-end devices, cut IT paths, and introduce false data into a wide variety of systems. Detecting and preventing GPS congestion and spoofing could be a quick hit for cyber warriors.

New generations of jammers have also been introduced that cover a wide range of frequencies and could perform certain "lock-in" jamming signals that mistake a "receiver" for a modified version of its own signal - in jamming responses designed around very specific devices to deceive. "And as the jammers got better, the insurgents in Iraq largely gave up using IEDs and IED deaths fell.

When jamming, high frequency is pumped out in the frequency range that they use to overcome their own signals. So you need power and you need to know the frequency range. Since RF drops as the square of the distance, you need to be close or have a lot of power unless you can very carefully point it. They don't really post exactly where to point so it takes a lot of force.

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