The jammer will make us less disturbed by a lot of calls

Of course, in life, when facing harassing phone calls, it is more to use cell phone jammer. At work, activating cell phone jammers and cell phone jammers during breaks play a very important role in preventing calls and spam. Mobile jammer is a very convenient device with a wide range of uses. Now he is very popular in harassing calls. If you are often disturbed by harassing calls, just buy a mobile jammer for yourself.

How will you deal with harassing calls? In the survey, 54.6% of the respondents chose not to answer the phone. Among the respondents, 46.9% will choose their personal experience and answer the phone; 46.5% of the respondents will install anti-harassment mobile phone software. More and more people choose to buy different types of high power jammer to prevent others from invading their privacy.

22 Antennas Wireless Signal Jammer

Friends who know jammers know that there are not only GPS jammers, but also GSM jammer. This article describes what GSM is.

What does GSM mobile phone mean: The popular view is that GSM is a network system. Currently, China Mobile Unicom is GSM, and China Telecom is cdma. The global mobile communication system, usually called "gotone", was developed in Europe for digital mobile phone network standards, designed to enable users all over the world to use mobile phone network standards, so that users can use mobile phones to reach all over the world . . The GSM system includes GSM 900: 900 MHz, GSM 1800: 1800 MHz, and GSM-1900 and 1900 MHz.

The GSM system has several important functions: Kao anti-theft, large network capacity, better mobile phone number resources, clear communication, high stability, not easy to be interfered by interference, low information sensitivity, dead spots during calls and low mobile power consumption . Currently, the two main GSM systems in the world are GSM 900 and GSM 1800, and due to different frequencies, the applicable mobile phones are also different. The former developed earlier and used more countries, while the latter developed later and used fewer countries. In terms of physical characteristics, the former has low frequency spectrum, long wavelength, low penetration, but long transmission distance, while mobile phones have high transmission power, high power consumption, and high energy, so the standby time is short.

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