More and more companies are equipped with jammers

Since 2002, this law allows the installation of wave filters in prisons. According to our information, there are currently 804 devices in French prisons. Problem: Compared with the development of mobile phones, this technology is usually outdated. The Ministry of Justice has provided 3 million euros to upgrade and purchase a new generation of cell phone jammer. But there is one condition.

The purpose is to ensure that in the context of permanent technological development, existing technologies (such as new 5G frequencies) will not quickly become obsolete and therefore become unusable,” explained to the prison administration, which pointed out that the future selected services must be ensured Adaptation, maintenance, especially monitoring of technological development.

car gps signal jammer

Portable jammer make it possible to use gsm waves of a given circumference to make any device unusable. In short, the use of mobile devices will be restricted within a range of about 10 to a few hundred meters.

More and more companies, organizations and associations are seeking to equip mobile phones with jammers.

After nearly two months of waiting, the congressman has just received a response from the Minister of National Education. The latter let him know that there is no doubt about installing this type of equipment. Vincent Peillon explained that the State Education Supervision Administration has considered the possibility of installing mobile phone jammers. Result: "If the solution proves to be a means to prevent telephone communication, but considering their impact, people must be reluctant to emit electromagnetic waves, especially electromagnetic waves from "GSM jammer. It should be healthy".

But most importantly, Rue de Grenelle argued that Article L33-3-1 of the Postal and Electronic Communications Act prohibits “the use of any type of electronic communications equipment designed to make all types of electronic communications equipment unusable. Equipment, whether it is'transmitting only for receiving', however, this article provides for an exception: “for the needs of public order, national defense and national security or judicial public services.” Question: “The school is not mentioned in this exhaustive list. And", the Minister pointed out, and therefore put MP Meunier's proposal aside.

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