Signal jammers in the aviation and telecommunications industries

As the number of days for the college entrance examination is decreasing every day, many schools have been busy recently, and they have been preparing materials and machines for the examination room. This allows candidates to take the exam in a stable and orderly environment. This is also the responsibility of the school. Therefore, recently we can see that a machine has been installed in the examination room. This is a test signal jammer that many schools have vigorously promoted recently. This can effectively counteract the problem of electronic signal cheating. It is effective, but it is unknown that its effect in actual use will also vary according to the installation location and situation.

In Canada, radio equipment, interference-causing equipment and terminal equipment are subject to Canadian regulations. Canadian consumers and others who intend to import radio transmission equipment into Canada should verify that the equipment complies with Industry Canada’s technical regulations before purchasing the equipment. Telephone jammers can be confiscated or confiscated at the border, and importers can also be prosecuted, fined or imprisoned.

10 Bands Desktop High performance 5G cell phone jammer

wifi jammer will create a frequency to block Wi-Fi connections and prevent devices from connecting to wireless 3G, 4G, GPRS or Wi-Fi networks.

GPS jammers will block satellite frequencies. GPS jammers have nothing to do with home security systems, but are usually used for hacker intrusion or spy surveillance.

The Russian military once again used GPS jammer in northern Norway last month. The aviation and telecommunications industries are particularly feeling this impact. Previously, a similar one-week interference event occurred in the same area in September, and interference occurred in the Baltic Sea region later that month, which disrupted telephone service handsets in parts of Latvia, Sweden, and Norway. According to reports, Russia has also begun to destroy and destroy the complex US weapon system in Syria.

In peacetime, jammers are often used between hostile countries to destroy everyone's navigation system.

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