The jammer was born as a defensive device

The jammer was born as a defensive device. In fact, their origin is related to the U.S. armed forces. During the Middle East conflict, the U.S. armed forces used them to prevent the triggering of explosive devices.

signal jammer is a tool used to prevent mobile phones or electronic devices from receiving or sending radio waves. There are also some phone jammers that may prevent the normal operation of the GPS system. Once activated, this will disable the operation of these devices, making them completely ineffective.

Nowadays, mobile phones are all digital signals, and the anti-interference ability of digital signals is very strong. Generally, the effect of using analog signal technology to interfere with digital signals is poor. Therefore, digital signals must be used to interfere with digital signals. The interference effect is quite different. The cell phone jammer using digital jamming signal technology has lower power and higher efficiency than the jammer using analog signal jamming technology.

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The synthesis, attenuation, reflection and other analysis of indoor mobile phone signals and interference signals are very complicated. Before shielding, the strength and quality of the local cell phone signal has a great impact on the shielding. Different mobile phones have different effects. Generally, mobile phones with strong ability to receive weak signals may not have good anti-interference effects.

The direction of the base station and the direction of the shielded area of ​​the mobile phone also affect the shielding effect. Generally, the spatial signal strength is about -60 to -70dbm, and the base station can reach about -40dbm within a few hundred meters, and the mobile phone reception strength range is generally between -35 to -95dbm. The higher the signal power of the space mobile phone, the shorter the shielding distance.

British "Jane's Defense Weekly" reported on August 15 that due to the increasing commercialization of drones, the threat to military and civilian targets is also increasing. With the increasing popularity of cheap and easy-to-operate drones around the world, there is an urgent need to develop anti-UAV (C-UAV) systems to deal with this threat. This trend can be seen from the recent vigorous development of drone jammer, and the European Defense Exhibition held in Paris in June this year also emphasized this trend.

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