Do you know what inconveniences GPS systems bring to people?


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  • July 19 2021 7:00 PM - July 26 2021 7:00 PM ((GMT+07:00) Jakarta)
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  • The jammer prevents tracking events that may be emitted by the positioning system

    Almost all smartphones use gps jammer for navigation and positioning.GPS has always been a powerful mobile application that helps users in strange places and helps them easily reach new destinations. Later, some mobile phone developers and technicians expressed keen interest in developing advanced and complex developments to push the positioning function to the limit.Apple has finally documented a true technological innovation that will improve the accuracy of indoor spot mapping and position detection. The technology is causing ripples worldwide because it doesn't require GPS support and has its own mechanism.

    In recent years, there have been various news reports that people use signal jammer to create "quiet areas" on buses or trains. We warn consumers that the use of signal jamming equipment can cause signal blockage to other types of equipment, interfere with or interfere with other authorized communications equipment, and conduct import, advertising, sales or sales is illegal.Shipping such equipment. The Law Enforcement Office has a zero tolerance policy in this regard and will take strong action against offenders. This mini 5g jammer is increasingly used by those who are concerned about their privacy.

    At the same time, the use of drones has great security risks. In many countries, regulations regarding the use of drones (especially "black flying" drones) are still blank. Small aircraft flying in the air fly about 90% of the time, which poses a major threat to air surveillance and air security.Among the accidents involving "drones" in the "Kobihi" accident, there were hundreds of accidents in the second half of 2016 alone, such as the drone crashing into the scene of a large event, affecting normal civil aircraft flights, and even a flight in Canada There was an accident, and there was an injury to the Ningbo Kuruobi Expressway.Factory direct drone jammer, portable drone jammers / all current jammer, GPS jammer interferes with satellite positioning, car location, mobile phone location, drone navigation, Google network positioning, etc.

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