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It’s best to passively mute everyone’s phone

cell phone jammer is an electronic device that blocks the transmission of signals between a cell phone and a base station. By using the same frequency as the mobile phone, the mobile phone's jammer will cause strong interference to the communication between the caller and the receiver. It effectively blocks the signal transmission from networks such as UMTS, 3G, CDMA, GSM and PHS.

There are mobile phones everywhere these days. According to statistics from the Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association, as of October 2005, nearly 195 million people in the United States are using mobile phones. In Europe, the penetration rate of mobile phones is relatively high.

It's great to be able to call someone at any time. Unfortunately, restaurants, movie theaters, concerts, shopping centers and churches are plagued by the popularity of mobile phones, because not all mobile phone users know when to stop calling. When the speaker shares detailed information with his friends and everyone else in the area, who can stand out from the conversation about an incredible personal situation that he blurts out?

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Therefore, in this case, it is best to passively mute everyone's cell phone. The convenient wifi jammer of mobile phones can help these places meet this requirement and keep their activities going smoothly.

Mobile phones are excellent communication tools that can be effective and efficient in many ways, but there are still people who use these devices at their worst. In many different public places (theaters, restaurants, concerts, fun halls, churches), people just don't know when to put down their phones. For others who are frustrated by these people's determination to do what they want to do, even when the use of cells is clearly marked, this is unacceptable in society.

A more sinister application is the use of mobile phones as explosive devices, and with it the creation of our mobile phone jammer category to protect and prevent deaths.

There is a way to safely eliminate these problems immediately using cell phone jammers. By learning how signal jammer works on wireless devices, you can clearly understand and appreciate its overall value.

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