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We are the #1 Bali Swimwear Manufacturer of Eco-friendly brands globally. We are a Tax-Free Company importing fabrics to the export of clothing, saving 40% on landed fabric costs. We produce samples & bulk orders for over 300 brands globally, from concept & costing to sampling & delivery of goods to their door.

Whether a start-up or an established brand, we can produce monthly drops from 300 to 20,000 units. Our facility runs speciality machines made to sew just one part of the production, such as double-sided, seamless, reversible, adding cups & wires, ensuring the final products are finished to perfection.

If your dream is to create a Swimwear brand produced in your own Custom designs or selecting from our ready to go ones incorporating recycled Italian & American fabrics, then we can make that a reality. Virtually 100% of our production chain is sustainable & produced at the lowest prices possible.

We have been assisting in the creation of some of the best-known brands for over 30 years. Below are a few who started with us making their first samples till today, placing bulk orders every month. It’s all possible; you only have to have the ideas to get started into costing.
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